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You can see our efficient service to optimize owned medias.

1Arrange PDCA cycle

Although "PDCA cycle" is widely taken in most cases, this word misleads people and things end up
"PDPD cycle" without improvement.

The correct PDCA cycle is as below.

  • Plan what you do based on priority points you found out.
  • Do what you planed in the previous step.
  • Confrim what you did and if you reached your goal.
  • From the preivious step, set the priority points which are much more fundamental.

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In addition to analyses of purchase data, we can also provide analyses of SNS data and TV broadcasting data.

[ Understand internal factors ] Analyses concentrating on customer data x [ Understand external factors ] Analyses concentrating on external (market) data

We believe a starting point of analysis is to see and understand both internal and external factors accurately.

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2Digital marketing tools

Leading customers to your stores where real sales activities happen is absolutely important.
At the same time, right instruction and recommendation to them are also important.
We can offer tools that make these above possible, combining right technologies such as recognition technology.

Practical exmaple

Flyer link service
It is relatively easy to design and hand out flyers. However, building web site needs a lot of steps and human skills even though they can tell much more information than paper advertising.

You can count on us in such a situation!
We offer digital service that recognizes flyer and leads customers to your contents.
AR navigation
"I know where to go but do not know where I am."
"I am not good at reading a map."
"I trip to Japan for the first time but cannot understand Japanese at all."

You can count on us in such a situation!
AR navigation can catch where you are through your portable device and shows a guide to destination.

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3Marketing seminar at your office

We can offer marketing seminar to you, by which you will gain a pack of practical knowledge of data marketing.
We are going to visit your office and make the seminar, so you do not have to go out from your office!
※The basic plan is 2 hours × 2 in 2 days. If necessary, we can plan for 1 day seminar.

Lesson1:2 hours including Q&A

Marketing points in practice Gen KOIKE who is the president of BONDIC,Inc and has solid background of marketing with more than 20 years will make the presentation of our idea and recommending marketing style. 45min
Out of box statistics We introduce the basic statistics which works very effective to the real business. 45min

Lesson2:2 hours including Q&A

Public topicality report What kinds of reputation can be seen about your company? We report out such kind of information based on SNS and TV program. 30min
Summary & Discussion We will have discussion, referring the report and what we have done through this seminar. 60min

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