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Influencers of GINZA SIX Posts WHAT?
~Are negative posts important !?~

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GINZA SIX opened on April 20, 2017. The building is a multiple commercial facility which has not only fashion stores or restaurants, but also floors for office and cultural events. It gave a lot of topics before opening: airing TV commercials with music composed by a popular musicians, doing installation designed by a worldwide well-known artist, and so on. GINZA SIX still keeps providing topics after its opening but what is actually a topic on SNS? Is there a change in interests of SNS users before and after its? In this report, we analyzed characteristics of SNS posters, their interests, and what their posts look like.

In this report, we use SNS analysis tool and TV broadcasting analysis tool. The data are analyzed in a comprehensive manner using posts on SNS which are divided into “positive” and “negative,” and minutes of appearance on TV programs.

Transition of posts


As a picture shows, the number of SNS posts starts increasing a week before opening. Since the amount is small before this time, we will focus on a week before and 2 weeks after opening in our analyses.

Distribution of # of posting times


Rate of posts & ratio of positives/negatives by posting times


During data gathering period, more than 70% of users posts once. 17% of users posts twice, 6% posts 3 times, and 5% posts 4 times ore more. And a balance of a rate of posts based on the number of posting times looks similar between each pair of “Once” and “Twice,” and “3 times” and “4 or more.“ When looking at a ratio of positives and negatives, proportions of positive posts for “Once” and “Twice” group are especially high. Thus, we merge each pair into one group, “Twice or less” for the former and “3 times or more” for the latter, and do our analyses from now on.

From now, we will do analyses like the following:
- The number of posts makes difference in what
- The tendency derives from feelings of posts
-How details of posts change before and after opening

Then unexpected characteristics of influencers of GINZA SIX appeared. For further results and details, do not hesitate to download PDF files for free.