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Analysis of Personality For Happy Marriage Sourced From Married Women
~Ideal boyfriend ≠ ideal husband~

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June often reminds us of “June bride” in Japan.
Traditionally, getting married in June makes brides happy but partner’s character may my important to have a happy life. People say that partner’s personality or set of values are more important than appearance or annual income. We this time did a survey of married women who have children, and analyzed character of partners to make them happy depending on their character or set of values.

First of all, we analyzed the happy rate by responders’ character.
In this case responders mean “WOMEN”.

Happy rate by respondents' character


As the table indicates, women whose character is like “Optimistic”, “Move”, “Easy” are likely to have relatively high happy rate. Then how about their parters “MEN” for the same questions?

Happy rate by partners' character


No matter whether respondents feel happy or unhappy, most of their partners have no-interference policy and their happy rate is slightly higher than those whose partners tend to interfere others

We are moving on further analysis in terms of best character combination in this report. Can you guess which combination could be the best one? This could be useful tips for all women to build up happy life. For further results and details, do not hesitate to download PDF files for free.