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What to know when getting budget smartphone
~Men and women have different points~

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There are bunch of TV commercials of “budget smartphone.” Many people may have heard this word but not know what it actually is.

Even though budget smartphone is attractive in costs, you are unwilling to switch to it without complaint with your current smartphone. Or some may not know about budget smartphone in detail.

This time we carried out a questionnaire survey to find characteristics of customers who will be satisfied with budget smartphone.


We first construct segments by age and gender of people changed their cell phone to budget smartphone within a year.

Age and gender


●The number of men is relatively larger than women.
●Men in their 40’s have the largest portion of all.
※As there are few people in their 20’s are regardless of gender, they are excluded from candidates of analysis.



As pictures above, we divided respondents into 4 groups by level of satisfaction with a previous company and gender.
Let’s see their degree of satisfaction with budget smartphone for these 4 groups.

Degree of satisfaction with budget smartphone


The numbers above tell us that degree of satisfaction with budget smartphone depends on whether users were satisfied with their previous cell phone company or not. Set these numbers as a base, if you apply situations introduced from now on, you are suitable for budget smartphone.

By possession of experience in changing a company


In this analysis, we saw difference of degree of satisfaction based on whether users have experienced changing their cell phone company before buying budget smartphone or not.
The result is given by graphs above; whether a woman has an experience of changing cell phone company or not does not affect degree of satisfaction. On the other hand, a man has such experience will not be satisfied with a budget smartphone that much.

In the full report, you will be able to know focusing points when changing your cell phone to budget smartphone from some other perspectives.
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