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Tips To Be In Top 10 of “Buzzword of the year”
~Buzzword is explosive! A godlike secret of elected words~

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Every year, people create new words or give ordinary words new meaning; some of them get a place on Japanese dictionaries.
“The Buzzword of the year” held by U-CAN Inc. is one of the year-end awards that catches a lot of attention.
Our interest this time is if words nominated for this award have tendencies in terms of their movement, popularity, or topicality on SNS.
For this question, we analyzed how often these words appear and what feeling comes with when people use them on SNS and found some features among the words elected for to 10.
The result of our analyses will help you know how to spread a new word to win the grand prize in “The Buzzword of the year.”

In this report, we use SNS analysis tool and TV broadcasting analysis tool.
The data are analyzed in a comprehensive manner using posts on SNS which are divided into “positive” and “negative,” and minutes of appearance on TV programs. 

◆ Sneak Peak of Results

We first calculated the following four indices.

Index What it shows
Positive ratio Aggregate level of positive for posts including each nominated word
Number of SNS posts per day Volume of posts including each nominated word on SNS.
Retweet ratio Aggregate level of spread for posts including each nominated word
Hashtag ratio Aggregate level of motivation posts including each nominated word give people by which they get involved in the topic.

Ranking of each index in the previous page told there is no feature among nominated words
because they are almost evenly nominated no matter how good/bad each word is ranked for all indices.
Next, we focused the indices of the words elected for top 10 and found that they do not influence on this election, too.

So far, we know that each single index do nothing on the election of top-ten words. Now we see if the relationship of indices affects it.




The relationship between positive ratio and the number of SNS posts per day did not affect on the election of top-ten words as the words in top 10 spread over from the lowest to the highest of the indices.
Thus, the amount of posts, feelings with which each word is used, or action people take on posts do not seem to influence on the election of top-ten words or the grand prize.

Then what makes words nominated for “The Buzzword of the year” or elected for top 10?
We next saw transition of the words throughout the period before nomination and found clear characteristics of 30 words nominated and those elected for top 10.
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