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3 bread brands tell you hidden criteria to choose bread
~Taste preferences differ between loyal fans and ordinary people ~

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◆ Introduction and aims

 Unfortunately, New Year holidays are gone but you want to get yourselves back in a regular life. A regular life starts from breakfast.
 A typical breakfast in Japan may still be rice, miso soup, and natto. However, more than 50 % of people in this country mainly eat bread for their breakfast and most of them have toasts.
 There are a lot of bread brands and the number of slices packed varies. Yet in general, their shapes and brand names are very similar. Then, what makes people buy a certain brand for breakfast?

 We picked up the following 3 major bread brands and analyzed points of buying certain bread.

・”Cho-juku” from Pasco Shikishima Corporation
・”Cho-hojun” from Yamazaki Baking Co., Ltd.
・”Hon-jikomi” from Fuji Baking Co., Ltd.

◆ Sneak Peak of Results

 We proceed analyses from two perspectives.The first is degree of satisfaction with tastes and textures of favorite brand for each respondent.


 In terms of comprehensive degree of satisfaction, Hon-jikomi got top marks, Cho-juku was second, and Cho-hojun was third. We then analyzed what influenced comprehensive degree of satisfaction and found that factors which influenced it were different between ordinary fans and loyal fans. Details are in PDF file.  

 The second is image of products by each brand's fans.


 As you can see above, fans of “Cho-juku” had the most positive comprehensive image toward their favorite brand. “Hon-jikomi” was second, and “Cho-hojun” was third.
 Then, how this result will change if we add evaluation toward each brand by other brands’ fans? The answer and factors of building comprehensive image are given in PDF file.

Do not hesitate to download free PDF files for more details.