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The Relationship Between Announcement and Word of Mouth Influences Box Office Revenue
~“Your Name” Wins Game of “RT”~

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◆ Introduction

In August 2016, a movie “Your Name” directed by Makoto Shinkai was released. It has been a hot topic before its release in a variety of media. Now it is reaching the second place of Japanese national box office revenue ranking of all time.

This huge popularity motivated us to analyze things that influence box office revenue. In this analysis, we took “Shin Godzilla” directed by Hideaki Anno, a live-action film based on a popular manga “Shigatsu ha kimi no uso,” and “A Silent Voice,” which is long-awaited to be a live-action film to compare with “Your Name” so that we will be able to know the trend of box office revenue.

In this report, we use SNS analysis tool and TV broadcasting analysis tool. The data are analyzed in a comprehensive manner using posts on SNS which are divided into “positive” and “negative,” and minutes of appearance on TV programs.  

◆ Sneak Peak of Result

 First, we analyzed a weekly box office revenue from several perspectives. The data shows that although “Your Name” gains a huge amount of box office revenue, its stream of increase seems to be similar to other 3 movies.


In addition, the left graph tells us that a peak of a weekly box office revenue happens on the second week after release and then it keeps decreasing. Given these results, it seems that the important points strongly influence a box office revenue are the first and the second week after a movie is released.

From a broad point of view, we recognize that “Your Name” overwhelms others because its weekly box office revenue is huge for the first two weeks, not its continuous increase over a period of weeks. People may believe that the weekly box office revenue of this movie is soaring. However, they are misled by media because it follow up the movie’s popularity given its large box office revenue and introduce it afterward.

Here, the question is “What influences a box office revenue?” From now, we analyzed the relationship between TV appearance and the number of posts on SNS before release and a weekly box office revenue for the first week. The association between TV appearance and the number of posts on SNS after release and the total box office revenue is analyzed as well. The following free PDF report tells you the details of our analyses and what in fact affects a box office revenue. Feel free to download it.