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The difference of chocolate bars preference thorough 3 classical bars in Japan
~Which makers is loved the most, Meiji, Lotte, Morinaga?
Do they have any distinctive features?~

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◆ Purpose of Analysis

 While many sorts of chocolate snacks are sold, there are those that disappear quickly. However, chocolate bars have been one of the most classic products for a long time. When it comes to chocolate bars in Japan, you will be reminded of the following:

・Meiji milk chocolate
・Lotte Ghana milk
・Morinaga milk chocolate

 Although many people do not see the difference in appearance and price among these 3 products, why have they been loved for a long time?
 So, we took an independent survey: What kind of people love these 3 classic chocolate bars?

 We defined “passionate chocolate bar-eaters ” as “loving chocolate very much” and “eating more than one bar in a month.” Then we analyzed how differently these 3 classic chocolate bars are loved from the 4 points of view: Attribution(sex, age, professions), eating process(purpose for purchasing, eating situation, frequency), products(evaluation for taste and soft side like CM creativity), product image.

◆ Result of Analysis

 By comparing these 3 chocolate makers, we found 6 common factors among the lovers of the 3 chocolate makers.

Attribution・・・Keen interest in “eating” and “being tidy”
Eating process・・・Become definitive which makers are their favorite by high school period
Purpose for purchasing・・・①to be relaxed!②caring for something to eat!③to fill their stomach!
Eating situation・・・①when one needs some confections②when one needs some snacks③when one needs to be relaxed
Suitable beverage ・・・coffee
Soft side・・・Satisfied with “number of purchase stores,” “products size,” “price,” while not satisfied with “CM and ads”

Those above are common factors among passionate chocolate-eaters.

Looking at features of each maker’s lover, Meiji has more fans in their 20’s and 30’s than other makers.
Lotte is loved by more women lovers. More self-employments prefer to Morinaga.
As for “image”, Morinaga has its unique ranking that “Safety ” and “Familiarity” are more evaluated compared with other 2 makers.


When it comes to total tastes evaluation, Morinaga has the best score, followed by Lotte and Meiji.
By their taste ranking, Meiji users are fond of “milky taste,” while Lotte and Morinaga users love “sweetness” and “melty.”

There seems to be some differences of “image” and “taste” among them. Then how dose each lovers evaluate other makers’ image?
What is the most important kind of taste to enhance their total tastes evaluation?
What kinds of lovers dose each maker have?
We have further analysis of such topics.

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