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Tips of success for foregin capital hamburger firms.
~Mission for Shake Shack to settle down in Japan.
Does explosive trend-making work?~

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◆ Purpose of Analysis

 In November 2015, “SHAKE SHACK”, a popular hamburger franchise in the U.S., opened the first branch in Japan. Its second branch opened in Ebisu(Tokyo) in this spring and became a hot topic among a variety of media such as the internet, TV, magazines, and so forth.
 In addition, there have been some other foreign hamburger franchises as well as those originated in our country. They are very popular but since new things quickly replace old things called “new” yesterday, providing unique menus or running campaigns is important to survive.
 In this report, we try to find tips of achievement for foreign hamburger franchises to exist for a long time in Japan motived by the question “What does Shake Shack have to do to survive in Japan?” A main focus analyzed for this purpose is news hook.
 In this report, we use SNS analysis tool and TV broadcasting analysis tool. The data are analyzed in a comprehensive manner using posts on SNS which are divided into “positive” and “negative,” and minutes of appearance on TV programs.

◆ Result of Analysis

 When analyzing reputation on SNS at first, Shake Shack and Carl’s Jr. have remarkably good reputation followed by KUA’AINA. There is not that significant difference in reputation among other target franchises.

 Among these 3 franchises, daily reputation on SNS for Shake Shack and Carl’s Jr. is unstable while that for KUA’AINA is stable. When it comes to other target franchises, reputation for Wendy’s and BURGER KING is a little bit unstable and others’ is stable.

 Putting the information from analyses together, we can conclude that Shake Shack, Carl’s Jr., and KUA’AINA have high reputation among target hamburger franchises. The rest of franchises has similar characteristics in terms of reputation.


 Next, we analyzed that how strongly the amount of TV appearance per branch influences reputation on SNS. In this analysis, “TV appearance” means the amount of minutes each franchise becomes a topic on TV programs, excluding profit-purpose appearance such as commercials.

 it became clear that Shake Shack and Carl’s Jr. have the longest minutes of TV appearance. Wendy’s also have a certain amount but it is very small compared to these 2 franchises and the difference in it from other franchises is small.

 Both Shake Shack and Carl’s Jr. get more number of reputation on SNS as they appear on TV. However, our analysis indicates that the number of negative posts about them after TV appearance gradually increases as time passes. That is, providing topics with mass-marketing may result instantaneous effect but we cannot expect its long-time effect.

 Aggregating several index computed in this report, we can set KUA’AINA on the top of foreign hamburger franchises in terms of keeping a good reputation on SNS in spite of almost no TV appearance.

 Shake Shack achieves a large number of reputation on SNS by TV appearance but it is possible that the number of reputation about this franchise gradually decreases as its TV appearance becomes less.

 The question you may ask will be why we give KUA’AINA the highest evaluation and how Shake Shack can keep its good reputation without mass media such as TV. The following free PDF report tells you the details of our analyses, reasons of giving KUA’AINA the highest reputation, and what Shake Shack has to do from now. Feel free to download it.