Our Value

Who we are?

Bondic Inc. is a "concierge in marketing".
We support that "Enjoyment" ties you and your customers.

We keep on and on "something enjoyable".
To let "something enjoyable" be there,
you have to keep providing it.
In short, you should also "be enjoyable" so that this "something enjoyable" will become long-lasting.

Thus, in order to improve better marketing process, the most important thing is "being enjoyable".

What "being enjoyable" will bring

Long-lasting relationship with your customers brings a huge achievement.
In other words, your approach shifts from quantitative to qualitative.

This chart shows how the number of customers changes from awareness to becoming loyal.
In general, it gradually decreases after awareness.

①The pink area of the right of line①(purchasing) shows sales amount.

②A main focus in marketing so far is a quantitative approach, which means
"the more awareness, the more customers".

③We recommend a marketing style that increases quality of customers and decreases the number of leaving customers so that your sales will go up.

To achieve our recommending marketing style, what is important is
"being enjoyable" which makes continuous relationship.

Essential factor to "be enjoyable"

It is crucial for both you and your customers to be enjoyable if you are really willing to make continuous relationship.
In other words, keeping in mind of how people feel is important.

Currently, you will be required to show evidence, not just inspiration.
Your unique analysis and action is important as well as action to make you different from others.

It is owned media that makes "being enjoyable"

There are several ways to contact with customers but one of the most important ways is owned media.
You never improve your marketing process effectively without making good use of owned media.
We define "owned media" as not only web but also others like DM, shops, and so forth.

We support to make good use of your current owned media for the first step and your marketing will "be enjoyable".